Monday, October 08, 2007

Social rhymes with show-all (at least assonantly)...

I'm thinking a lot at the moment about stitching my identities together, some of which have frayed edges and others which sport bias(ed) bindings. In this cyber-real unreality of the uber-E, where 'e' is for 'eccentric' and 'eclectic', my careful stitches sometimes appear as pure pastiche. And isn't it fascinating that when one finally mends the online schisms, puts that personality that used to make so much sense back into one eager little portal, how schisms show up as schizoid - we aren't meant to put all our selves back together again. Identities are so fractured, so multiple, that to force them back into one mould simply breaks it. So what the hell am I talking about? Well, it's this:

I really like having a blog for my musings, a wiki for food reviewing with friends, RSS feeds for journal alerts and blog updates (especially food blogs), email for the banal dailies, websites for designing online curricula, social bookmarking for online convenience and bibliographic trails, online data storage to tame my version-control issues, and social networking for making links (both academic and otherwise).

I have to go to a meeting. I'll be back. x

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Necron 99 said...

I really enjoy following a new blogger. Of course I like reading the latest 'up to date' stuff but going back over 'old blogs' etc., gives me a feel for the current state of affairs for the 'person' in question and allows me to also visit any other pearls of wisdom I may have missed.

I haven't actually started my own blog yet (not long now), though I recently read an article regarding six bloggers turned authors with tips on how to do so and reflections on their own experiences. I have no doubt that I will write, one of the main reasons I'm at uni is to improve my skills in such, blogging and commenting being an extension of that experience. For the time being, I am quite content with reading and commenting, in short exploring my peers' experiences and fellow citizens' musings.

This small blog of yours speaks wonders, as does "restless legs". I'm not a sports enthusiast, I prefer walking any day, just need to get off my bum and do it, I really do agree. This current blog though expresses a social phenomenon of our multifaceted-selves. This 'internet' thing gives our intellectual/emotional part of our being, a space within which we can allow each part of our being, creative and necessary individual expression.

And yet, we still do have our physical interaction with our lives before we had this electronic communication experience. It's strange how I can't really remember what it was like before mobiles and the internet.

Did you really go to a meeting or was it just a great way to end this blog. Either way, it worked perfectly. I've had to leave my blogging etc. on numerous occasions due to tuts, lectures, cooking, appointments, any number of things.